Saturday, January 1, 2011

When Ministering is Hard

I have a sweet little cousin who is 14 right now. She has come to me over the past few months asking for advice on boy-girl dating relationships. Just to clarify right out front, I am a courtship believer! One hundred percent. So, when she came to me with these questions, I gave her my honest answer.

I spent late nights up with her speaking to her about Biblical womanhood: modesty, speech, chastity, purity, etc. And I prayed with her. And I prayed for her. And I spoke to my husband about her and asked his opinion. And I'm sure he prayed for her too.

So, you can imagine my true sadness when she came to me and said that she had a "boyfriend" about two months ago. I was grieved. And sad. And I admit, a little mad. Didnt she listen to me? was my first thought. What were all those wasted nights of staying up with her? Praying for her? Why do I even try? She doesn't care!

Then, my rational side kicked in. OK, I reasoned. When I was her age, I probably took a little time to get across to too.

She called me last week and asked if she could come and spend the night at my house. This usually means that she needs to talk. She came and another night of talking and praying and ministering to her the best way I know how occured. I thought, once again, nothing had happened. No change.

But then, I got a pleasant surprise! When we went to bed the evening after she left, we found a sweet note on our pillow. She said in the note that she appreciated both mine and my husband's advice, and she realizes she is wrong. She needs to listen to us more, and she will try harder to put these things in motion in her life.

I was shocked that she had written such a thing to us! And my heart was so full of joy!

She did end up breaking up with the "boyfriend", but she is still struggling with peer pressure issues, youth group issues, etc. Those will be another post for another time. But please take heart! Even when you think you aren't making a difference and even when you want to throw up your hands and just say Enough! You just might be making more of a difference than you know. God can use you no matter what place you are in, as long as you make yourself willing and available. And sometimes, He gives you glimpses into the fruit of your labors.

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