Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best deal ever!

I am a deal junkie! Anything on sale, cheap, almost free, or free, and I'm there. My list of things I have gotten for free is growing, but today I stumbled upon the best deal yet!

We were driving around this morning pretty set on just moseying around town and finding a yard sale or two, when we spotted a sign that read "Free Yard Sale".

If you are me, you HAVE to stop. If for nothing else but to see what in the world this is about.

Liberty Church on Nine Mile was hosting a free yard sale. When you arrived, they gave you $30 in Monopoly money, and you could "buy" whatever there you wanted. Things were priced, like a regular yard sale. But, the prices were so inexpensive! Clothes were buy two for $1. They also had books, shoes movies, household stuff, etc.

We ended up walking out with clothes for all of us, two pair of shoes for Mommy, a pair of shoes for Bubs, a picture, some super cute decorative flowers, some books, ahh.. and a few other things I can't remember right now.


We don't desire to be greedy, so we just left at that. But still, WOW. Thank you Liberty Church for giving me the best deals yet!

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