Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't believe in coincidence

About two weeks ago now, me and Hubby went to Ross to look for some new clothes for him. Him lawn care business did a number on some of his jeans this year, so he really needed a few new pairs. I needed a new pair of shoes for winter. Notice I emphasize the word needed. I do honestly have plenty of shoes in my closet, but I was looking for a nice pair that would go well with stockings for the winter. My shoes now would work with stockings, but just not work exactly how I like.

So, while Hubby was looking for pants, this Mama was looking for shoes! And wouldn't you know it, I found a pair! Only $10.99 on clearance.

I tried them on.

And of course....

they didn't fit.

I found another pair, in my perfect size. They did fit. But, the clearance sticker was not on that pair. They stated the price was $15.99.

I had a choice.

I could just switch the stickers on the shoes and take them to the front to check out. I mean, they were the same pair, right? Just different sizes. Maybe they had forgotten to mark these down. I was just helping out.

Or option two.

Take both pairs up to the register, and ask if the size that fit was the same price as the size that didn't fit.

With an expectant heart, I chose option two. I figured I was right in the price issue.

I was wrong.

The lady explained that they must not have received the size that fit until recently. Only shoes left on the shelf for awhile were marked down. She asked if I still wanted them. I looked to Hubby, who said only "It's up to you."

I said very kindly, thanks, but no thanks. $15.99 was a lot for a pair of shoes. I walked out of that store feeling a little down, but not completely out.

I prayed. That's right, I prayed for shoes that night. I prayed that God would lead me to a good cheap pair.

And I waited.

Last weekend, at the free yard sale. wouldn't ya know? I found a pair of shoes! Not new, but quite cute still and useable.

God heard my prayer, and provided the exact kind of shoe that I wanted, um needed.

God always hears our prayers. And sure, sometimes His answer is NO. Or wait. But sometimes, we get a yes!

I could have switched the stickers, but I would still feel bad about it. And I would never know the sweet feeling that God has given me with this new pair. The feeling of "Hey, I'm watching out for you."

The feeling that only God can give.

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