Monday, November 15, 2010

An Attitude No Mommy Should Have

Yesterday was another one of those days. Bubs was sick, which left me sitting in the lobby instead of in the church service for both morning and evening service. Hubby was also feeling under the weather, which left me with all of the housecleaning yesterday. We don't really do much work on Sunday's, but after the dinner party on Saturday night, I did have somethings that needed straightening.

I felt kind of mad and put out in a way. I am definately being challenged by the Lord lately on proper responses.

It wasn't Bubs or Hubby's fault that they weren't feeling well. And it wasn't mine either. But, I should be more understanding when these trials do come along. Life doesn't always go our way. And being Mommies, we do have a lot more responsiblity for the home and it's inhabitants than anyone else does or will.

Our responses set the tone for the whole household.

When we put forth bad attitudes, we should not be suprised when our children respond in like manner. When we put on a smiling face and try to be positive in all situations, then our children will also respond in like manner. Being children, they will not always respond exactly how we would like them to. But, I do believe a positive Mommy helps the household a great deal!

Ma we all strive today to put smiles on our faces even when we don't exactly feel like it. Say a quick prayer for a heart change when the wrong attitude does slip forth. And ask for forgiveness from both the Lord and the offended party.

You never know just how much your home could change by your simple actions.

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