Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cell phone etiquette

This morning, I went to the Post Office. The lady in front of me was talking on her cell phone while standing in line. When it was her turn, she walked right up to the desk, still talking on her cell phone.

The lady greeted her very cordially. She said nothing, just slid her pick-up slip across the desk at the postal service worker. No greeting. No acknowledgement.

Where has our common courtesy gone? Is a simple "Hello" too hard to say anymore?

She should also not have been on her cell phone in a business in that way. Please understand, I think cell phones were a great invention. However, they are great for emergency use or casual use when you are alone. Not for use in a place where you are being waited on.

I am sure this kind of behavior makes the worker feel more like a servant. She was not there to be her servant, but her helper. Therefore, the customer should have greeted her accordingly. If the phone call was so important, she should have waited until she was finished before entering the building. These kinds of simple acts show just how truly ladylike we are. May we all strive to show just a little more courtesy when out and about.

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