Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Beauty of Life and Testimony Musings

As I sit here on a fancy hotel room bed that I could never afford on my own, and listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore outside, I am humbled by God's beauty and grace.

I am humbled that I would ever be here. For free! My hubby's work provided this room to us as a "Thank You" and a Merry Christmas gift. We are located steps away from the sand and surf. God's creation is truly astounding.

I am also sad. Sad that we just left a party where many professing Christians spent their night gambling and drinking. Now, not to be one to judge, I just have to wonder... Why could their annual Christmas party not have been more God honoring? No mention of the Father was made. None. We didn't even pray before the meal. ( Well, we did privately. ) But there was no public profession of Christ at all.

The same people who will have Bible study twice a week every morning before work were staggering home tonight. It made me think about my own testimony.

Unbelievers especially are watching professing believers like me. What do they see? Do they see someone who practices what she preaches? Or do they see someone who barely ever walks the talk?

I pray that we as Christians can strive to always walk with Jesus, no matter what our circumstances.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Chelsea, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Stephen and I will only be living in England until mid-summer 2011 when he completes his master's degree. I am excited about our time there, but will be happy to get back home to the U.S.!