Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Kindle for Christmas?

Before even reading this, you must understand: I am a traditionalist. As old-fashioned as they come sometimes. So, my review may be a little biased.

Now, onto the Kindle. Kindle's are Amazon's version of a portable electronic book. You can download a book right onto it, and read it at your leisure. To pay for it, the money comes directly our of your account. It is battery operated. So, if you are somewhere are your battery runs out, no more reading!

My problem with these it is completely takes the romance out of reading! I am a reader by nature. I love books. On a cold day, I love nothing more than curling up with a good book. But curling up with a good Kindle? Definitely not as romantic. You lose the joy of old pages and worn bindings. The smell of old books. The sound of the pages turning.

Yes, it would save room in your house by not having books lying all around. But, what is a house without a bookshelf? Must everything we do nowadays be electronic? Electronics to me are so impersonal.

And from a money saving standpoint, they don't seem to be that good of a deal either. First off, the Kindle itself is approximately $140.00. Each book is approximately $9.99 to download. I can get a book off of PaperBackSwap for only the cost of shipping. Old bookstores are also much cheaper. Even buying a book off of Amazon used is usually cheaper than $9.99. You will find a few exceptions to this, but it's generally the rule.

So, this Christmas, lets think more traditional. Not with all the newest gadgets we can buy, but sticking to what has worked for ages.

(If you would like to look at the Kindle's, I have included a link here. )

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