Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook Fast

I've blogged before about the dangers of social media such as MySpace and Facebook. This week, I have chosen to take a Facebook Fast.

One week, No Facebook!

Can I do it?

I sure hope so!

I have made this commitment from my heart to God in an effort to draw closer to Him. If something in your life is drawing you away from the Lord, then I feel that thing, whatever it may be, has got to go! God should be the most important thing in your life.

So, my Facebook is going. Will I miss it? Of course! For some strange reason, in our day and age, we like seeing into other people's lives. That's why reality TV is such big business. Because we want to know about others! Not just know about them, but see what they do in their homes. You can look up people from school, work, and social functions. Before long, you will find you have sat in front of the computer for hours staring at a screen. The dishes are still piled into the sink, and you haven't spent one moment with the Lord that whole day.

I also believe that as a stay at home mommy, it's easy for us to get caught up in it because we see it as a way to communicate with people outside of our home. When you are home with littles all day, have some adult conversation needs is quite understandable. However, we do not need to forsake our husbands, homes, or children in search of this. Everything in moderation.

So, I am beginning my fast today. Is there anything that I can challenge you to fast from in order to deepen your walk with the Lord?

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